Practice Statement October 2022

Here is a summary of our latest practice statement

  1. We were previously struggling for space, we are now struggling for GPs. Staff have moved on and recruitment is difficult.  We have not received the additional staff promised e.g. mental health nurses, paramedics. We are sharing much more work between fewer staff. We have had to close our practice list and we have far fewer appointments to offer than we had previously. This is far from ideal and not what we would want to offer.
  2. We will continue with the current appointment system and ask for your continued support in accessing the correct service e.g. opticians, Pharmacy First, physio, minor injuries, to allow the best use of the appointments we have. 
  3. We understand the situation is frustrating but would reiterate that abuse of our staff, especially reception staff, will not be tolerated.  Please remember, they are asking for information, or directing you to a more appropriate service, as instructed by our GP’s.  We are doing our best with the resources that we have.
  4. We hope that by reading our statement you will have an understanding of the position we are in and will continue to support us until things improve. 

Download or view our full Practice Statement